Sixers 4 Guidos

About Ricky

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Genoa (Genova) in 1971, is a free lance communication/PR professional and journalist. He currently lives in the sad city of Milan, where he moved in June 2008.

Despite being Calvin Booth-ugly, he somehow managed to marry a beautiful serbian girl, Vanja, brave enough to be still his wife.

He’s of slavic descent from his mother’s side of the family, meaning his blood is 50% italian, 25% serbian and 25% croatian: thus he speaks a half-decent serbocroatian and follows carefully players coming from these countries.

An addict of Genoa football team, Ricky became a Sixers fan in the early Eighties, when italian television started broadcasting NBA games, once a week, Sunday morning…. Immediately loved those red jerseys, and the player wearing that #6 who could take off and fly over the others. Never stopped since.

Ricky loves everything that is ‘old school Sixers’ (logo, jerseys etc) and considers Manute Bol the greatest Sixer ever.

For yet-to-be-disclosed reasons, he has also a long time passion for the LA Clippers. Seriously.

Oh yes, and he played “organized” basketball for more than 20 years, as an all around stiff. Imagine a combo of Marc Jackson’s leaping ability, Keith Van Horn’s toughness, Dalembert’s basketball IQ and Nazr Mohammed’s hands.

Enjoy the pic, and TRY to detect the Photoshop addition.

(not sure why I used “he” instead of “I” for this post, but anyway… I pulled a Moses Malone…).

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