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Sparty vs. Bucky: For All the Big Ten Glory

The holiday season must be here. People will be wearing green and red. The food will be in abundance. Bands will be playing. People will be singing. A good time will be had by some.

Sounds like a typical office holiday party, right? Sure… but not if the people wearing green or red are at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on Saturday for the Big Ten Championship Football Game.

Unlike last year, the Michigan State Spartans and the Wisconsin Badgers won’t be sharing the Big Ten Title. This year, there will be a clear winner and a definite loser. No more of this wolverine crap (not bull crap) of having “co-champions.”

With the Spartans coming off an easy win on the road against Northwestern and the Badgers giving the Joe Pa-less Penn State team a proverbial beat-down, both teams make their way to Indianapolis with tremendous momentum.

Naturally, the Badgers have a score to settle with Michigan State because of the wild finish to their previous matchup at Spartan Stadium back on October 22nd. Wisconsin WR Jared Abbrederis thought he’d be able to swat Kirk Cousins’ pass away from Sparty’s own BJ Cunningham, but Keith Nichol grabs the ricochet and powers the ball across the goal line for the win!!!!! Sparty On! Sparty On!

That was then. Saturday is a whole new ball game.

Here are a few things the Spartans need to do to keep the score in their favor:

Break Down Wisconsin’s O-Line: Over the years, Wisconsin has had a solid offensive line. They’re the reason why RB Montee Ball and QB Russell Wilson have been able to put up the numbers they have. Ball averages 6.5 yards per rush and has 29 rushing TD’s this season. Wilson has been known to engineer comebacks (the October 22nd game at Spartan Stadium is evidence).

Keep Pressing on Offense: There’s no reason why Kirk Cousins and BJ Cunningham can’t hook up often. Wisconsin’s d-backs have given up big plays at what seem to be “inopportune times” for them. If Cousins can spread the love around to all his receivers, good. They need to keep the Badgers guessing.

Special Teams: I’m talking about kick coverage. Get to Abbrederis and put him on the turf before he can get his wheels going.

Enough of my blather…. I’m sure you have your opinion on what the Spartans need to do to be the undisputed Big Ten Champion. I’d better log off before my wife catches me writing this….

…..she’s a Badger fan. The couch isn’t a comfortable place to sleep. So, shhhhhh! Go Green!

As far as she’s concerned……I hope it’s a great holiday party in Indy with the splashes of green and red adorning the stands.

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