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Ok these are the Sixers uniforms (thank you Doc. J for modeling):


Notice I didn't say "the old Sixers uniforms", because I think we should wear these jerseys permanently.

Sixers uniforms are a sensitive topic in this blog. I am an "old school" fan and I love to talk about our unis, logo etc and exchange thoughts with others. Unfortunately over the last years, Sixers fans had a lot of painful experiences, such as this crap (sorry Chuck):


that in the alternate, road version were looking like this:


(throw up pause...).

After those shocking years - not coincidentially among the worst ones also when it came to Sixers' records - we saw a light at the end of the tunnel, in Iverson's rookie year (1996/97):


Not bad at all, classic and modern at the same time, but keeping a strong Sixers identity and feeling. But it didn't last long, only a year, because Sixers decided to change logo and uniforms, and the (ugly) result was this:


That nonsense (black? gold? wtf !!), with some variations (such as the "electric blue" road jersey), lasted too much basically from 1997 to 2009.

In February 2008, following some games in which the team used throwback jerseys and got positive feedbacks, Sixers4guidos started an online petition to bring the old Sixers uniforms back. More than 130 fans signed it, the word was widely spread, I sent the link to Sixers' mktg dept and kept being in contact with the franchise, lobbying for the switch.

All that helped pushing Sixers take a decision, and in January 2009 Sixers4guidos broke the news announcing that Sixers decided they would have gone back, changing logo and uniforms.

So here we are, Sixers introduced their 2009/2010 uniforms in September 2009, a "nice blend of old and new", as they announced via Twitter in response to a question I put.


While I'm not 100% enthusiastic about these unis (I would have preferred to simply go back to our classic ones, without any change), they are still a huge upgrade over the crap we used for more than a decade (1997-2009). And the fact that fans played a big part in this process is surely something we all can be proud of. 

Sixers4guidos, where Sixers uniforms watch happens.

(couple of useful links to end this: the history of Sixers' uniforms, on the team's official site, and this nice Best/Worst of Philly uniforms by Recliner GM)