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Guidos and Italy

abbronzatura guidoWho is Guido?

Actually it’s the name of a couple of friends of mine. And it sounds pretty funny even here (=Italy).

“Guido” in italian can also mean “I drive”, in case you don’t know. “Guidare” is the verb.

Some years ago I learned that "guido" for many americans, especially in the East Coast, is a nickname for “italian”.

Not much politically correct in the US, I know. Even "bordeline offensive" I read somewhere.

But I don't care, I don't get offended being called a "guido", it's just too funny

We all are guidos, then (see the guy in the picture, a more-than-likely guido judging from… well, everything !!!). And proud of it.

I also learned that other nicknames for italians used in the US are ”dagos”, “goomba”, ”guinea”, “jabonee” and “wop”. But they are apparently considered insults, so I excluded them. I like “guido” and named the blog after it.

Basically Sixers4guidos wants to be the site for italian Sixers fans. Uhm, wait... if it actually was only for italians, it should be written in italian, and not in 'english' !!

So no, the blog is written by an italian, in a bad english, but wants to talk to Sixers fans worldwide.

I definitely screw the name of the site, then.

But it sounds cool so I'll stick to it ! 


Started for fun by guidos Sixers fans Ricky and Raffo in September 2006 on a free blogging platform, Sixers4guidos progressively grew in traffic, quantity and quality of contents, building itself a good reputation and great respect among Sixers and NBA fans all around the world.

Sixers4guidos joined the Bloguin network of bloggers in October 2009, changing domain, layout, features and becoming the nice site you are checking out right now.

Here, on Sixers4guidos 2.0 Ricky, the author, blogs the Sixers from Italy (yes) with the same insane passion that led him to start the old site, trying to do it in a fun way.

You will never find a posts written in good english here: Ricky and his guidoesque english have been defined "terrible", "funny", "sexy" (!) or straight up "illiterate". You choose.

But for sure Sixers4guidos has that unique perspective that most of mainstream sites lack, especially in Philly: die hard fan love, knowledge of the game, OPTIMISM (yes fellas, no negadelphians here in Italy...), some good sense of humour, PATIENCE, memory of Sixers' past - good and bad -, + an int'l flavor.

Those are the ingredients that make Sixers4guidos the right place for true Sixers fans on both sides of the Ocean.

Follow us in the run for the third title, it's never too late to jump on Sixers4guidos' bandwagon !!!!