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Nice but not sufficient
ap-201203162106759603861Exciting, yes. But not enough to get a win.

Sixers couldn't complete what would have been a comeback for the ages against such an elite team and lost 78-84 to the Heat, for a ridiculous 10th consecutive loss in the regular season against Miami.

The "funny" thing about this game is that the Heat won it despite scoring just 27 points in the second half (!): this can be possible when you build a 27-point lead at the break.

It was your typical "Tale of two halves" NBA game: Sixers were the protagonist of the second half, but Miami unfortunately had the final word.

The first two quarters were simply horrible for us: I lost the count of the missed layups and unfinished fastbreaks we had, while after the game I learned that we remained withough a field goal for 7.45 in the second quarter (...).

Defensively, nobody could stop LeBron James (18 on 8/11 at the break), Iguodala had another tough night (in the pic) after having struggled against Granger.

When Mario Chalmers closed the second quarter with a three for the 30-57 I thought it would have even got worse from there on. Only 3 offensive rebounds with 33 missed shots (!!) weren't exactly a great sign of vitality, also, or something to build on.

But I should have known better and these guys proved me wrong once more. (more after the break)

Vucevic sparked a little run in the third, and Turner, Meex and Williams somehow (*) carried Sixers' offense in the fourth during a great run that excited the sellout crowd and managed to cut Miami's lead to just four, 76-80 with 1.30 to play. On the other side, to that point, it was Udonis Haslem to take, and make, all the big shots...

LeBron James finally showed up in the final plays, knocking down a 17 foot jumper and making a couple of free throws to preserve the lead until the buzzer.

Other considerations about this entertaining game.

  • you have to be proud of these guys and their coach one more time. I admit it, I never though that we would have been able to make it a real game
  • three in double figure and the top scorer with 13 point should speak volumes of the kind of night it was
  • (*) = many of the biggest baskets in the fourth came off broken plays or hustle plays. Not much X-and-O basketball, honestly, rather willingness and intensity, the things that a fan loves
  • Sixers kept Hawes out in the second night of a back-to-back, missed half of their free throws (not that Miami did much better, shooting 10/19...) but outrebounded Miami 54-42.

Well, at least they gave us a reason to watch them for 48 minutes.

This is a team. Maybe flawed in some parts, but a team.