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The real all star
ap-201203042115765244846Not to be evil, really. It's simply stating the obvious.

In the words of the NBA.com recap:

With the game down to the final precious possessions Chicago and Philadelphia each leaned on its best player.

Derrick Rose, the reigning MVP, saw a crack in the defense, went left-to-right with the ball and scored for a four-point lead.

Andre Iguodala shot an airball and fired one attempt off the backboard.

Not much to add, quite frankly.

But please save me the "notion of clutch is nonsense", the need of a closer is "overrated", Iguodala is a "true all star" and crap like that (I've read all of the above in countless Sixers sites, not making up things here).

If you ever thought similar BS, watch this game over and over, and then come to me again.

One more time: Sixers' didn't lose 91-96 to the Bulls because of Iguodala, let's make this clear, it would be stupid to think that.

But we are 2-7 in games decided by 5 points or less (22-16 overall, . 579).

I calmy waited also for this one (the umpteenth close loss, I mean).

I am so proud of myself for not getting mad for these games anymore. I've said that many times, when it's a 3-4 point game and there are 2-3 minutes left, it's just a matter of finding out HOW we will lose.

Sadly it works. Every time. At least you preserve your nerves.

Iguodala is our best player, right? He's an All star, after all. Fact. (more after the break)

Well, Iguodala shot 0/4 in the fourth. Fact.

One "simple" miss, one shot blocked + the two aforementioned bricks. If you think this is All star material, then we have different standards for defining an All star. And yes, "basketball is not only scoring", he "did many things well" (he actually did that !!), "filled the stat line" bla bla bla...

But then we see Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, Derrick Rose and even Andre Miller, each making decisive plays down the stretch and getting WINS to their teams against the Sixers.

Iguodala is, unfortunately, too often on the wrong side of nearly ALL the final plays of those games. Offensively and defensively I mean.

Both Deron Williams and Chris Paul scored on Iguodala for the decisive shots (tough shots, ok? Andre played great D on Paul on that possession, Williams hit a long three), Andre Miller abused him countless times in the final minutes and the OT of the Nuggets game, Iguodala was whistled for a foul on Kevin Love (notice I didn't say "he fouled Love") at Minnesota few tenths before the final buzzer, and he failed to box out Westbrook vs OKC. Now add these last two embarassing misses against Chicago.

The list is just too long.

Rose is not an outside shooter. He came into the League and everybody said his outside shot was suspect, a weakness etc. But a 31% career three point shooter went 4/7 from behind the arc against the Sixers, hit a couple of long twos, both buzzer beaters, at the end of the second and third quarter, and "chipped in" with the final, decisive drive to win that looked like a playoffs game.

Rose scored 35 on more than 50% shooting, grabbed 8 rebounds, and gave me a general sense of... well, greatness, simple as that.

That's my notion of "All star".

Five players in double figure is nice, but only when you win.