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Box. The F. Out.
ap-201202292114764770934Giving up an offensive rebound to the opposing point guard (!) off a missed free throw (!!) is not a good way to lose a game.

But that was the final, decisive play of Sixers' 88-92 L to Oklahoma City, fourth stright at home (21-15, .583).

I am not blaming Iguodala, who couldn't keep an athletic freak like Westbrook far enough from the ball on Durant's rare miss from the line with 4.9 seconds left.

At least I am not blaming only him: Westbrook finished with seven under our glass.

Thunder's edge under the boards was simply unsustainable all night long: 56-39 at the end, but 26-12 at a point in the second quarter. At the break our total was 13, while they had 11 only at the offensive end...

That of course way a key factor in such a close game, but another one were free throws: 34 attempts vs 12 is simply ridiculous, same for the -16 differential in points scored at the line.

Want more weird numbers? This game provided us with a plenty of them. (more after the break)
How about Thunder winning the game despite shooting 9/36 in the second half ??? OKC shot an awful 2/20 in the third, but was trailing by only four points at the end of the quarter, 67-63. "That's how you win games in the playoffs", I thought.

And how about Sixers missing eleven straight shots in the fourth? A nice 84-77 lead with 5.30 to play was blown due to the usual stall in our halfcourt offense in crunch time.

Many crazy plays happened in the final possessions, from Williams missing an open three in transition that would have tied the game at 88 with 24 secs left, to a good shooter like Harden missing both freebies with 21 seconds to play, to Kevin Durant going just 2/4 from the line in the final 11 seconds.

Bottom line, we lost another close, playoffs-like game and our record in games dediced by seven points or less is now 2-10, which is the thing that irks me the most, especially because I don't see a lick of improvement in this.

I honestly don't like much the Thunder and how they are built, they are basically the anti-Sixers with their three man-offense, but hey, it looks like that formula is a winning one. At least in the regular season.