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Best medicine
ap-201202282212799617957A blowout win on the road is perhaps the best medicine for an ailing team.

After the All star break Sixers simply trounced the Pistons, getting out of "the D" with a 68-97 W, to snap a five game losing streak (21-14, .600).

It's the third time that Pistons are buried under a 20+ grave this year, so yes, it's safe to say that playing Detroit is fun.

This game was won already in the second quarter, when Thaddeus Young and the rest of Sixers' "reserves" (in the pic) rallied past Detroit.

Young scored 12 in the period, including two "and one" plays, and Iguodala knocked down two threes, one while being fouled: the 34-50 halftime score basically put the game out of reach for our opponents.

A late burst by Lou Williams in the third, closed at 53-75, turned the fourth quarter into pure, delightful, garbage time.

Many positives to take from this game, besides the final score I mean. (after the break)

  • great defense. Keeping an NBA team to 31% shooting in its own building is huge, even if the team is the offensively challenged Pistons. Deflections, steals, even eight blocks (!!), Sixers did everything they were supposed to do on their half court, and they did it well.
  • season high 17 steals. See above, that was translated into a lot of easy points in transition, and made things way easier.
  • By halftime Detroit had already 15 turnovers, and the fastbreak points stat said 21-0 !!
  • balanced offense. This is not new at all, but seeing that six Sixers reached double figure, and nine scored is always good for any coach, and fan. Twenty-six assists say a lot about of how the ball was shared, also
  • nice game by Evan Turner, more than the boxscore would tell.

I'd also like to add that Ben Gordon played awful - this speaking of a guy that I used to like a lot - , and that I wouldn't mind adding this Greg Monroe guy to our team, some day. He looks like that kind of old school big man that plays in the paint and can help the half court offense.

Next comes Kevin Durant with his Thunder, it will be another nice test.