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Ordinary W
Luckily there is not much to say about the 84-99 W in Cleveland.

And there is not much that the Irving-less, Varejao-less and Parker-less Cavs (all sidelined by ...Sixeritis, I think) could have done to avoid a loss in the second night of a back-to-back.

Sixers (19-9, .679) did exactly what they were supposed to do in such a situation: just keep the foot on the pedal and outrun their opponents, playing with energy.

The decisive break came in the second quarter, when the second unit, carried by Lou Williams and Thad Young and remarkably directed by Jrue Holiday, built an eleven point lead (19-30), that soon ballooned to sixteen (23-39, 7.33 left) and eventually to twenty-one (33-54, 2.40 to play).

Cavs basically could never overcome that, or even come close.

Doug Collins called a timout after 1.34 minutes in the third quarter, because Cavs went on a ...4-0 run, to trim the seventeen halftime lead to thirteen (45-58): he was clearly sending a  message, and his players responded quickly and put the game out of reach, managing margins around 15-19 points from there to the end.

I'll make this quick as well, because, honestly, overanalyzing this game would be nonsensical - and that's not a knock on the Cavs. (more after the break)


  • getting to the line a lot of times and finally knocking those FTs down (11/12 in the second quarter, and that was essentially the game)
  • six turnovers. Yes, six. As a team. Enough said.
  • playing with the right attitude for 48 minutes and not allowing any kind of a comeback in the fourth
  • Williams + Holiday combining for an excellent 10/0 assist/turnover ratio.
  • Thad Young as game changer, hitting many high pctg shots in the paint (a nice sample in the pic)
  • Vucevic's offensive game (low post moves + mid range jumpers)
  • Jrue Holiday finally in attack mode, drawing contact(s) and getting to the line
  • Brand's legs (lol)
  • Turner's minutes: again, in with only 1.06 left in the third...
  • Turner's game. Once he (finally) got in, he looked somehow uninterested, despite playing in "his" Ohio, and took kind of lazy shots. He also got embarassly rejected by Eyenga on a fastbreak layup.
  • giving up six offensive rebounds in the first quarter

Again, I do like these "boring" games, give me that any day and I'll be happy...

Ok, I think/hope that the Bobcats game will be similar.

Since they are on such a nice streak (14 straight losses), let them keep that going...