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The price
ap-201202082153787822749.2If the 90-100 home L to the Spurs was the price to pay for the last W over the Lakers, then I'll happily live with it.

No problem at all.

Sixers fell to 18-8 (.692) but still hold a three game edge over the surging Celtics, 14-10 after winning their last five.

Every loss obiously leaves you a bit disappointed as a fan, and this makes no exception, but if you really think about it, it shouldn't be such a big of a deal.

After missing two straight, and with Hawes out again, Brand got back and played well in an old school matchup with Duncan.

Some of their low post "clashes" were really fun to watch, reminding me of the times when they were the best and (perhaps) the second best PF of the league.

The usually reliable duo of "veteran rookies" Allen and Vucevic combined for 1/11, not converting open mid range shots that they normally knock down.

They both rebounded well, though, in limited minutes, contributing to Sixers' (surprising?) edge under the glasses, 55-48. Nice to reverse that after the complete disaster of the Lakers game.

Vucevic picked two early fouls (btw both offensive) and Collins pulled him out after 2.30. But six boards in 14 minutes are a good stat, same for Lavoy's 9 in less than 19, so let the rookies miss shots as long as they hustle and play hard, it's part of their learning process.

I have more of an issue with Parker being responsible for 53% of Spurs' points (!! yes, that's what his 37 + 8 dimes gives you), working on the pick and roll with Duncan and mainly Splitter to exhaustion, and also with being torched by the likes of the same Splitter and Gary Neal (12 points in the first, playing 6 minutes)... (more after the break)

Sixers simply couldn't defend on the pick and roll, and Parker was on a... roll: a career 73% FT shooter, which is mediocre for a guard, going 13/13 last night, just to give you an idea.

(Speaking of free throws, Iguodala is 12/28 from the line in the last seven games. *** Throws up ***. But he played very well against San Antonio)

I also have a problem with Doug Collins' substitutions this time: for the life of me I couldn't figure out what Meex was doing there last night, completely useless for basically all of his 24 minutes: he wasn't missing shots, he was simply unable to get shots off, which is even worse for a player like him. Meex was an absolute zero in all categories, and this time the boxscore doesn't lie.

And, strictly related to what I just said, I have no idea why Turner played just 18 minutes, when Sixers were clearly missing some mid range offense, especially in the central and second part of the third quarter. Finally, I think that Iguodala was put back into the game too late in the 4th, with 5.40 left and Sixers trailing by nine.

To complete the picture, throw in 3-4 unbelievable BS calls, two by Violet Palmer, something I've rarely seen at this level ("Don't mess with me or I will punish you"- type), and you've got the whole story.

Whatever, just learn from this and move on.

"My" Clippers are next. I'm not happy I won't see Billups, really. One of my fav players playing in my second favorite team. It would have been (more) fun.