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Sixers on the rise

altI was optimistic before this game, maybe because I remembered some nice Ws in Houston in recent years.

But the 105-114 W over the Rockets went beyond my expectations.

Sixers get to the All star break at 27-29 (.482) equaling the total of wins of last season, but with 26 games left to play.

More important, they look like a real team, far from the hapless "bunch of strangers" that started the season 3-13: they are 24-16 since. If you saw that coming, please holla at me.

About the Houston game, I have a had time trying to pick what was the sweetest thing among the following:

  • seven players in double figure
  • Iguodala's triple double (despite the poor shooting, 3/15)
  • 55% from the field on the road
  • Hawes' big night: 17 + 10 in less than 27 minutes, on 8/11 shooting
  • Jrue's terrific shooting, to go with eight dimes (that made me forget that Lowry was 11/11 at a point, and 5/5 from three at halftime...)
  • the rally from -12 in the first (18-6) with Rockets connecting on four of their first five threes
  • Thaddeus Young's great lift off the bench: awesome season for him, and I'd say Collins has a lot to do with that, he found him the perfect role

Can Sixers be improved through a trade? Surely, this run can't make us forget the weaknesses of this roster, and overrating it could be a painful mistake.

But since we are not in a win-now mode, the idea of not touching this growing core can make sense, thinking in the long term.

In the meantime, let's continue to enjoy many games like this one.