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Appreciate the effort but...

ap-22777a32305e4608acdf6ffd3ae324b0...how about winning some games?

Iguodala-less Sixers' extended their losing streak to four (2-9, .182) as they lost 101-93 in Cleveland.

This is starting to get ugly, losing also tonight the battle against the lowly Raptors, who are 2-9 as well, would mean falling to the bottom of the conference, in perfect loneliness.

Right now there are really few things to be happy for, but we'll try to find some of them even after this loss.


To be optimistic

1) Won the battle under the boards, 45-38, allowing the Cavs only three offensive rebounds (!).

Tihs is a really good stat even if you keep in mind that Cleveland has no real C (I consider Varejao, - generously listed at 6-11 by american sites - more a PF, remember he used to play BESIDE Ilgauskas)

2) Turner his his first three pointer in the League, to cap a pretty solid all around game, even if the 4/13 from the field is an indication of his struggles 

3) Good performance by Young.

I liked how Thad hit the boards, I knew he has the ability to be effective there (which would lead to the question "Why doesn't he do that every night?" But I'm digressing).

To be worried

1) our interior defense was terrible again, to the point that I think we can't talk about interior defense anymore, at least until we start playing some. 

Cavs scored 30 of their first 47 points in the paint, pretty much at will. Where is Sam Dalembert when you need him?

2) Holiday-Turner-Williams and Meeks combined for 11/35 from the field: you won't win many games when your back court shoots like that. 

3) Speights was a DNP CD.

This could be a really bad sign. If Songaila got past Marreese in the rotation, then both him and the Sixers have a problem. Huge. Let's see what happens agins the Raptors.

4) Spencer Hawes.

Nothing to add here, I think. He's becoming our Jim Mc Ilvaine.


  • Someone to teach Turner how to give a hard foul, really. I will check that but I think he's Top 5 in the league in 3 pt plays allowed/minutes... (is there such a stat?)
  • Moon and even Graham hit jumpers like crazy, pretty depressing
  • Nocioni is a smart player, I like how he mixes outside shots and drives, he rarely forces a shot or makes a bad choice
  • we missed too many "easy" shots, forced/rushed some, and turnovers killed us (15-7)
  • Cavs are poor in talent but well coached
  • Did I tell you I am a Byron Scott fan? I wanted him to coach the Sixers