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Iverson a Sixer until April

900ea019de87a9325ffca3cfa6d87cc7-getty-90042992rw003_76ers_kingsWho could have said it, uh?

Just released by Sixers via Twitter4guidos:

"Allen Iverson's contract with the team will be guaranteed for the remainder of the season"

I already stated my opinion about his signing, I'll repeat it. 

Iverson has always been one of my favorite Sixers. I absolutely loved and love the player. And the guy.

But I would have NEVER signed him this year, I would have stayed with the young guys at that spot, giving his minutes to Lou Williams and Jrue Holiday.

Now the "worst case scenario" (= around 35 Ws, no playoffs and no high pick either...) gets significantly closer.

But he has the right to smile, he's happy in Philly and I am happy for him, at least.

Wizards game to start in few hours.